BREAKING NEWS: EB-5 Workers Strike at American Logistics

Yesterday at around 3:30 pm, truck drivers working for American Logistics declared an Unfair Labor Practice strike and walked off the job.

ALI Picket

As we have reported previously, charges of unfair labor practices filed by drivers prompted a months-long investigation by the National Labor Relations Board. The investigation found evidence that top-level management had engaged in interrogation and other unlawful activities, detailed in the Board’s complaint issued in July. Yesterday, they went on strike in protest of these and other pending unfair labor practice charges.

The labor unrest appears to be causing turmoil at American Logistics’ main facility, which houses both trucking and warehousing operations. Trucks are sitting idle and striking drivers, along with members of the local community and Teamsters Union, have set up a picket line.

It is not yet clear how this disruption will impact American Logistics. We will send out regular updates to keep EB-5 stakeholders aware of the latest developments.


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