BREAKING NEWS: Another government investigation launched at American Logistics

This week, American Logistics International came under further government scrutiny. Yesterday at 4pm, workers and their supporters held a press conference outside American Logistics’ main facility, which houses both its warehousing and transportation EB-5 projects.


They shared their concerns about unsafe conditions at the company, which were detailed in a complaint filed with OSHA late last week by a worker employed in the warehouse.

The complaint alleges several serious violations that are alleged to be deemed “serious” according to the California Labor Code, which means that “there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result.” The charges include:

  • Emergency exits are often blocked.
  • The company stores barrels of hazardous substances and requires workers to clean seepage off these barrels, yet has not informed workers what the barrels contain, nor has it provided a written hazard communication program.
  • Workers are required to load goods into dark shipping containers, where they face the risk of being hit by forklift drivers inside the container. Workers have also been trapped inside trailers as they drive off.

It appears that the mismanagement that has marked American Logistics International’s EB-5 transportation project may also extend to its EB-5 warehousing project. These charges of health and safety violations at the warehouse come directly after drivers for American Logistics’ transportation project declared an Unfair Labor Practice strike to protest violations of federal labor laws.

These revelations raise questions about whether these types of violations will extend to American Logistics’ newest EB-5 project, a cold storage warehouse. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep EB-5 stakeholders informed.

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