EB-5 Risk Alert: American Logistics workers send delegation to EB-5 event to meet with company owner

American Logistics Watch recently received a video of a delegation by community and labor rights activists concerned about working conditions at American Logistics International.

At the behest of American Logistics workers, the group visited a Southern California EB-5 conference where Alireza Mahdavi, the company owner, was making a presentation in order to raise their concerns with him directly.

From the video, it appears that the labor dispute at American Logistics is escalating and could pose serious risks to EB-5 investors. Workers and activists allege that management at the company is growing increasingly out of touch with its workforce. Over the past six months, employees at American Logistics International have presented multiple petitions calling upon the company to address issues ranging from serious safety concerns to alleged violations of U.S. labor law.

As we have reported previously, a prolonged labor dispute could negatively impact the company’s performance. This, in turn, poses greater risks for EB-5 investors hoping to receive a return of their investment and depending upon American Logistics to create and maintain jobs to ensure the removal of visa conditions.

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