EB-5 Risk Alert: New Report Identifies Potential Vulnerabilities at American Logistics

We are pleased to announce the release of a risk assessment to assist EB-5 participants in making informed decisions about American Logistics International Regional Center. The report provides a multi-dimensional view of the company and identifies several potential risks to EB-5 investors.

The report was first distributed to attendees at last week’s 2013 EB-5 Dealmakers Conference and is now available here. The risk assessment identifies three primary areas of concern to EB-5 stakeholders:

  1. American Logistics may not be meeting job creation targets, based on inconsistencies between the company’s publicity, reports, and actual operations.
  2. The recent departure of a key executive and questionable corporate spending by management may be cause for concern for EB-5 investors and indicate an adverse shift in the company’s growth strategy.
  3. American Logistics is embroiled in an escalating labor dispute with its employees that, if unresolved, could have a negative impact on company operations, relations, and ultimately on EB-5 investors.


The risk assessment also presents key questions that current and potential investors in American Logistics should ask to best evaluate potential risks to their investments and their immigration status.

We encourage investors and their advisors to read the report so they can make informed investment decisions.

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